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Welcome to he Coriolis Framework Wiki

This site is dedicated to the development of the Coriolis Framework. The framework aims to be a common development platform for all amiga derivates existing today. As such, it doesn't target any mainstream platform like linux, windows or mac os. Instead, new generation and classic amiga and compatible systems are targeted. These platforms are classic Amiga systems from Commodore, as well as new generation Amigaos4.x, Morphos2.x, Morphos3.x and Aros Systems.

The framework is in an early pre alpha state, so if you are interested to participate, you are welcome! All kind of help is apreciated. We need persons, who test the software, write documentation and produce graphics. And, of course, we need more developers.

If you are not familar with using a wiki, please consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Moved to new server

Due to the forthcoming retirement of's hosted apps, the coriolis wiki is now hosted on a new server. Thanks to Klaus Pittig from Pittig Internet Services for making this happen!

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